My Expertise

I have been in the industry since 2009. I have seen the highs as well as lows on the industry. The bright as well as the ugly. I have personally witness home owners making unwise decision that set them debts for life! I have also helped many Bukit Panjang clients upgrade and downgrade smoothly in the different phrase of their life. The following are some of my expertise and case studies that i have personally did in Bukit Panjang estate. Enjoy reading them. 

1. Selling Your Property

I am a marketing agent. My main job is to sell property as what my title imply. My greatest asset is to sell, sell and sell. Nothing less. Let me do the talking and negotiating. Let me highlight the strength in your house and counter object the weakens. 

If you have doubts in my ability. Please let me try to sell your property for a month at no cost to you. If there is no sales, No fees! 不成交不受费!

2. Upgrading

For Bukit Panjang home owners that are starting a family and usually in their 30s would have aspiration to upgrade from their existing HDB flats. They are usually double income family with children. Space is running out in their cozy matrimonial home and they look forward to upgrade to a bigger HDB flats. For those that are more financially well off will upgrade to a private condominium and some even to a landed property directly!

Usually, I will listen to your needs and consideration. Then i will assess the situation and ask a few probing questions just like a doctor! Next i will offer my views if you should consider another HDB BTO flat, resale HDB flat, resale condominium or even exploring a new launch condominium.

Lastly, we save the best for the last. Your options will ultimately rest on a detailed property financial calculation prepare by me. This detailed analysis can often you insights on your financial health just like a health report!

Here, this calculation can help you make better and informed decision. It can also highlight what and when must you prepare the various funds for your upgrading plans. By the way, this calculation can be customize to the various scenarios. It is very fluid and dynamic since i am the creator of this calculation.  

3. Retirement Planning

Are you in your late 50s and older and looking forward into semi-retirement? I believe you may have plans to unlock some cash from your property and utilize them for your daily needs. So should you sell your current property and downsize (or i call it rightsize – nicer word) to a smaller property. What are our options?

If you are staying in a private property. Should you rightsize to another private property or should you move to a humble HDB resale flat? If you are currently a hdb home owners. Should you rent it out and stay with your children or sell and move to a smaller flat or even a studio apartment?

I am sure there will be many considerations to ponder on before you make that all important retirement decision. Speak to me first if you want to here my views and seek my thoughts on the various housing options available to you.  Alternatively, if you are also looking for some retirement financial planning. You can click on this link to find out more.

My happy malay clients that right size from a 5 room to a 3 room HDB flat. 

My happy clients that finally sold their 4 room resale HDB flat and move to a studio apartment.

4. Investment Property

If you are exploring buying a investment property either for capital appreciation or for rental yield. Speak to me first. Firstly, you can share with me what is your investment intention and budget to work with. I will also share with you some market insights on the various investment potential for the various development.

You can either explore new launch condo. Please visit my personal new launch website here. Or if you are looking at resale condo for investment. You can find out more here.

Alternately, if you have plans to invest into enbloc potential condominium that can potentially make you the next millionaire. You can link up with me here. I used to work in a collective sales property consultancy 15 years ago! I can help you to generate a detailed FS (feasibility report) to gauge its feasibility. There will be some fees involved as there is a lot of work involved.